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We're a software design and development agency that builds adventurous, modern web and mobile products.

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We build powerful web and mobile applications, from highly technical internal tools to robust customer–facing interfaces.

We're passionate and opinionated about APIs and start each project on the solid foundation of a well documented, standardized API. We use some great tools that help us quickly deliver stable products to our clients.

  • We love the incredible value delivered by Ruby on Rails
  • React is one of our favorite tools for both web and mobile apps
  • We’re big fans of Elixir for its speed and reliability

Recent Work

Our team has been producing top quality, user driven applications for clients, for over 6 years. From one person startups, to healthcare, universities and non-profits. Here is a sample of some of our recent work.

We helped Entera AI build an intellegent system focused on big data for investors in the real estate market.

We built a platform for Basedeploy that allows non developers to rapidly generate and deploy web apps and APIs.

We created software to help PatientBright generate the digital products needed to grow a new clinic or hospital.

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